JVE Journals is
rebranding to Extrica

Inspired by innovations from the previous century and the rapid growth during the last years, we are improving for excellence in your publishing experience

JVE Journals


The history of JVE International dates back to the previous century when a vibration engineering school and science laboratory named "Vibrotechnika" was created at the beginning of the 1960s' by Prof. Kazimieras Ragulskis in Lithuania. Over a decade, together with more than 300 top-field scientists and engineers working in “Vibrotechnika”, the scientific laboratory had turned into one of the biggest science center in the Soviet Union at that time. More than 40 monographs, 3000 scientific articles, 300 articles in the foreign journals, almost 3000 patents were published and registered during the days of the Scientific Center "Vibrotechnika". It is widely recognized as a first-ever Silicon Valley in the Eastern European region.

At that time the "Journal of Vibroengineering" was established and most of the discoveries at the Scientific Center “Vibrotechnika” were published in this Journal. Until now it is the Publishers' flagship Journal.


In continuation of the heritage from the previous century, the publishing company called JVE International was started in 2013. The company's name used the acronym of Journal of Vibroengineering. Vibration Engineering in the broadest sense did help the Publisher to solidify the foundation which we continue building on today. The main logo of the Company resembled the original trademark of Scientific Center "Vibrotechnika" and did represent the Vibration Engineering.

JVE Journals

Current logo of the Company

Journals, International Conferences, and the Editorial System are current products developed around JVE International during the last years. The in-house Editorial System helped the Publisher to manage Journals, to organize the editorial and the review processes, to open the doors for the network of collaborations. The Publisher did start a variety of Open Access Journals in partnerships with researchers and academicians from different regions around the World. We felt the need to go further in helping authors, researchers, and scientists to grow. While organizing the series of Vibroengineering conferences, we talked to a lot of researchers, and they did help us to understand the problems they are facing in the industry and academia. Some of those researchers did become our close partners who did contribute a lot to the challenges of the rebranding process. By having created all the necessary tools, we feel the need to go further in developing our products.


Inspired by innovations from the previous century and the rapid growth during the last years, we are improving for excellence to a modern and authentic look. The brand is making a huge leap forward by introducing a completely new naming and visual design - that will be present throughout all the touchpoints of the user experience. To innovate the scientific publishing industry, we are creating Extrica.

The name Extrica is born from Latin "extricate" - freeing someone or something from difficulties. Our mission is to ease the processes of publishing for authors, to offer new beneficial tools for editors, to create value for reviewers. We are creating a hub where researchers can feel extricated in expanding their scientific potential by using our innovative tools and the Publishers experience.

The new logo of Extrica (two arrows pointing at each other) represents a minimized gap between the Publisher and the Author creating a closer individual relationship. Our innovations go towards solutions created by authors, researchers, academicians, editors, reviewers, readers.


The new logo of Extrica

This old, Latin but futuristic name resonates with our past and the future. Innovators of scientific publishing industry through centuries.

We have worked hard for more than a year in rebranding and are glad to present it to our customers. It will be revealed to you during the upcoming months. We want to ensure our customers that all the editorial processes will stay the same. Right now, only the naming and design side will be changed. New user experience will be revealed and presented soon.

Extrica hierarchy

Hierarchy of Extrica services