Science should be open, but not all research is freely accessible.

Extrica introduction

Past, Present and Future

Past photo

Vibration engineering school and science laboratory by Kazimieras Ragulskis.

Widely recognized as a first-ever Silicon Valley In the Eastern European region.

40 monographs,
3000 scientific articles,
300 articles In the foreign journals,
3000 patents:
Journal of Vibroengineering

Present photo
JVE Journals

Global Partnerships around the globe

Organised 47 International Conferences

Development of in-house Editorial Manager

Through 2021 Established 14 new International academic Journals.

Published 4948 amount of scientific articles

Cited 7512 amount of times.

Future photo

The brand Is making a leap forward by introducing a completely new naming and branding.

*name (Latin word ‘extricate’) represents freeing someone from difficulties.

*logo represents a minimized gap between the Publisher and the Author creating a closer individual relationship.

A hub where researchers can feel extricated in expanding their scientific potential by using our innovative tools and the Publishers experience.

Mission is to ease the processes of publishing for authors, to offer new beneficial tools for editors, to cream value for reviewers.