Author guidelines

How to submit an article?

Your article should be submitted online using Extrica Manager:

Create an account and submit article. Follow 'Create an account' link that appears on the main login page. Once you've created your account or signed in, you're ready to submit an article to any of Extrica Journals.

Your article should be uploaded in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats. After the acceptance, the article will be processed by Extrica typesetting team. For a faster production of the article use Extrica article and biographies template before submitting your research.

The ethics statements for Extrica journals are based on Code of Conduct and Best-Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors. The submitting author takes responsibility for and speaks on behalf of all authors.

Key take-aways before submitting article:

  • Ensure that the manuscript is in full adherence with all Extrica editorial and publishing policies.
  • Ensure that all authors have access to the final version of the article that is submitted to the journal and agree to the author list and author contributions.
  • Ensure that all authors have seen the final draft of the article before it is published.
  • Provide to the journal written confirmation that all authors consent to any requested changes in the manuscript's authorship.
  • Continue to be the point of contact for queries about the published paper.
  • Inform all co-authors of any matters arising and ensure such matters are dealt with promptly.

To successfully submit an article author will need:

  1. Article prepared according to Paper Template.
  2. Manuscript in PDF format.
  3. Manuscript in DOCX or Latex (archived to a single ZIP file) format.
  4. A final list of all authors, their emails and scientific degrees.
  5. Biographies and photos of all authors.
  6. Contribution of each individual author.

Peer review process of an article
Peer review process