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Extrica Journals publishes: research papers, review papers, case reports, letters to Editor, commentaries.

Choose the journal that best fits your research scope and submit your research through Extrica Manager. Here is a link to do that:

Here is a link to the paper template and how the layout of the manuscript should look like. Overall, Journals are accepting any type of submission document without strict formatting requirements.

The submission process is developed to be convenient and easy with 3 submission stages. Firstly, you will need to create an account in the Extrica Manager ( The first stage is choosing a Journal or Conference Proceedings. After that, put the main authors and manuscript information with the documents uploaded. Finally, review the manuscript information and confirm with the Journals malpractices and ethics. The submission process is autosaved, and you can finish it anytime.

CC BY (Creative Commons Attribution) is the most accommodating of public copyright licenses as defined by Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization that provides legal tools for sharing and use of creative works and research.

Extrica Journals content is available under CC BY, which means anyone is free to use and reuse the content as long as they credit the original source and authors. This license is recommended for publicly funded research, as it maximizes the potential impact of the research and protects the rights of the authors.

The review process starts with editorial screening and scope selection for the submitted manuscript. After that, plagiarism check is assessed and if the manuscript goes through then anonymous reviewers are assigned to the paper. International experts on the field evaluates the paper and gives their comments regarding the paper.

Extrica Journals are highly respected and influential in all areas of science, with rigorous reporting and peer review. Authors receive an efficient, fair, and thorough review process from international Academic Editors and reviewers who are experts in their respective fields, and accepted work is made immediately and freely available to anyone after acceptance, anywhere in the world.

Extrica Journals cover four main disciplines: Engineering, Health Sciences, Basic Sciences, and Social Sciences.

All published content in Extrica Journals is freely available online.

All of content is archived in Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania, which provides permanent archiving for scholarly journals.

The response time depends on the journal. Check the basic statistics when visiting the journal's webpage.

Authors will be informed by the typesetting department if their input is needed when finalizing the paper. The final version of the manuscript will be confirmed by the author.

Manuscripts are published online after acceptance. The Doi code is issued, and it is available online in the article in press section of the journals. Then it is scheduled to one of the issues of the Journals.

No changes can be made to the manuscript that has been confirmed with the typesetting department.

After publication, authors are informed of guidelines on how to promote the manuscript.

The status of your manuscript can be checked through Extrica Manager.

If you are interested in reviewing for Extrica Journals, you will need to create an account in Extrica Manager and fill the application.

Journals are always seeking for an active Editorial Board members and the positions are open.

Here is a link where you can apply for the position:

If you receive an invoice from Extrica, you can make a payment by bank transfer or any type of card.

When you are paying your invoice received from Extrica as an individual (not reimbursing your payment from Institution, University, or Company) then the Value Added Tax is applied.