Quality and Reliability of Technical Systems: Theory and Practice

by Andrii Goroshko, Vilen Royzman, Maryna Zembytska

Book Series on Vibroengineering, Volume 2, August 2018, p. 310, https://doi.org/10.21595/9786099603636
Hardcover ISBN: 978-609-96036-0-5
eBook ISBN: 978-609-96036-3-6
Language: English

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About this book

The monograph provides original approaches to the quality and reliability improvement in mechanical engineering, taking into account the functionally oriented management. The outlined studies validate the methods facilitating the increased reliability and durability of rotor systems and vibration processes. Methods for increasing the reliability and wear resistance of machine parts and units under dynamic and shock loads are considered and proposed. The issues of creation of new materials in mechanical engineering, in particular, nanostructures are studied and investigated. New quality and reliability improving methods for electronic equipment and energy systems are offered. The research also considers the issues of reliability and durability of construction materials.

The monograph is intended for scientists, graduate students and professionals in the field. It may also be useful to students of technology.

Table of Contents

Front Matter
Chapter 1. New methods for improving quality and reliability in mechanical engineering
Chapter 2. Dynamics of rotor systems and vibration processes
Chapter 3. Increasing the strength of machines under static, cyclic and dynamic loads
Chapter 4. Creation of new materials
Chapter 5. Improving the quality and reliability of electronic equipment and power systems
Chapter 6. Increasing the reliability and durability of building materials
Back Matter