Extrica Advertising Policy


This policy ensures adherence to ethical advertising standards and is dedicated to upholding the integrity of the academic record in Extrica's journals. Extrica may allow advertising in its journals only if the inclusion of advertising does not interfere with the journal's mission or compromise its objectives.

The presence of advertisements in Extrica’s journals does not constitute an endorsement by Extrica of the advertised product or service.

Integrity and Editorial Independence

Advertising shall not influence editorial decisions or content under any circumstances.

Editorial decisions, including the selection and treatment of content, must be made without consideration of potential advertising revenue or the possibility of generating reprint sales. This means that the potential profitability of an article or feature should not influence whether it is published or how it is handled.

Editors, reviewers, and other individuals involved in the editorial process shall not have a financial interest in advertising revenue or any financial relationship with advertisers that could influence editorial decisions.

Additionally, to protect the integrity of Extrica’s journals:

  1. All advertisements shall be approved by Extrica.
  2. AdvAdvertisements shall be maintained as a separate section from editorial content and shall not interfere with the readability and usability of the journal.
  3. Editors shall not tailor content to accommodate advertising, and advertisers shall not have advance knowledge of the editorial content.
  4. All advertisements shall clearly identify the advertiser by trademark or signature. Any use of publication trademarks or copyrighted material for linking to and from the website shall be approved in advance by Extrica; unauthorized linking is prohibited.
  5. All advertisements shall be nondiscriminatory in terms of sex, age, race, religion, marital status, or physical disability, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  6. Extrica's journal editors and authors shall not adjust content to support advertisements.
  7. Extrica reserves the right to suppress advertisements on specific article pages to avoid conflicts of interest.
  8. In-text linking from articles to advertisements is prohibited.

Relevance and Ethical Standards

Advertisements shall be relevant to the journal’s field and align with the scope and interests of the journal's readership.

Advertisements shall comply with ethical standards and legal regulations, including but not limited to those related to accuracy, truthfulness, and non-deception. Advertisements shall not make false or misleading claims, and they must not promote products or services that are harmful or unethical.

Prohibited Content

Advertisements will not be accepted if they:

  1. Contain unsubstantiated claims.
  2. Are deceptive, misleading, or offensive in text or artwork.
  3. Include personal, racial, sexual, or religious attacks, or are discriminatory based on age, sex, race, ethnicity, religion, appearance, or disability.
  4. Promote alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, or illegal products.
  5. Falsely imply a sponsorship or relationship with Extrica.
  6. Resemble editorial content too closely.