Published: 15 September 2013

The Study of the Dynamic Properties of Some Structural Components of Harmonic Drive

P. Folęga1
1Silesian Technical University, Faculty of Transport, Katowice, Poland
Corresponding Author:
P. Folęga
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Under the studies performed, geometrical models of flexsplines being manufactured for the CSD, CSG, HFUC and HFUS flexsplines type harmonic drivers were developed based on their actual structures and geometrical dimensions. In order to enhance the data preparation process, the model geometry was recorded in a parametrical form. By altering the individual properties of the models, it is possible to automatically generate finite element grids for flexsplines of various geometrical and structural properties. The calculations prepared for the sake of the study by application of the finite element method (FEM) were conducted using the Femap/NX Nastran software. A preliminary numerical modal analysis of the structural solutions for the harmonic driver flexsplines assumed to be applied was conducted.

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