Published: 01 November 2022

Editorial of the Brazilian Academy of Jaw Functional Orthopedics 2022 meeting special issue

Marcelo Muscas Polimeno1
Orlando Santiago Jr.2
1President of the Brazilian Academy of Jaw Functional Orthopedics, Private Practioner, Brazil
2Dental School, Arnaldo Jansen Faculty, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil
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Much has been discussed in the 2022 annual meeting of the Brazilian Academy of Jaw Functional Orthopedics. Topics that show how JFO is developing and opening several lines of research.

Discussion about use of mechanical vibration on JFO treatments brought e hole new field of investigation. Papers report use of mechanical vibration on orthodontic treatment either with aligners or traditional fixed appliances. Do these findings applies to JFO treatment since there is distinct mechanical stimulation on each type of treatment. Forces are lighter and intermittent when using functional orthopedic appliances (FOA), continuous and heavier using traditional fixed appliances and intermittent but heavier using aligners. Does the effect of the vibration act only on alveolar bone or the basal bone reacts as well? Do electromagnetic vibration act in the basal bone favoring orthopedic answers in the bone or only in the alveolar bone? Let’s work to have these answers as soon as possible.

Use of digital flow for diagnostic and treatment follow up was discussed too as well as inter and transdisciplinary interventions, all based on scientific evidence. There was discussion about clinical treatment protocols and tolls, undergoing prevention and early treatment in the deciduous dentition. Basically, all procedures in JFO have scientific basis, although most of them need more consistent scientific evidence there is already some scientific proof. This direct us to investigations with more robust methodology. Always remembering that the Journal of Jaw Functional Orthopedics and Craniofacial Growth is open and will be very honored to receive these manuscripts.

Summarizing, JFO is an open field for investigations. To receive your manuscript the editorial board was expanded counting now with Doctors in Philosophy to review papers about quality of life, Engineering to review papers about new materials and computational simulation, Posturology to review papers about influence of the stomatognathic system in the body posture and more colleagues with various expertise to improve more and more the manuscripts quality.

Now President of the Brazilian Academy of Jaw Functional Orthopedics, Dr. Marcelo Polimeno speaking.

The Brazilian Academy of Jaw Functional Orthopedics (ABOFM) thanks JVE journals, currently Extrica, for the honor and opportunity of partnering and publishing the Special Issue of the Journal of Jaw Functional Orthopedics and Craniofacial Growth, with the scientific presentations scheduled to the XXVI meeting of the academy and II meeting of the International Federation of JFO, 2022.

The theme of the meeting is Clinical and Scientific Evidence for JFO. We will have the participation of speakers from 13 countries!

ABOFM is grateful to each speaker for their willingness to deliver their knowledge to delegates and readers of the Journal of Jaw Functional Orthopedics and Craniofacial Growth.

We hope that our partnership can be extended to the coming years in the next annual scientific meetings of ABOFM. This partnership makes the event greater.

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