Jaw Functional Orthopedics and Craniofacial Growth

Original scientific articles presenting information that is new and relevant to jaw functional orthopedics

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Jaw Functional Orthopedics and Craniofacial Growth

Jaw Functional Orthopedics and Craniofacial Growth (JFOCG) ISSN (Online) 2669-2783 promotes the advanced study, science, and practice of Jaw Functional Orthopedics and Craniofacial Growth. It serves both researchers and practicing clinicians by providing a space for the presentation and discussion of evidence-based jaw functional orthopedics research, treatment concepts, techniques, and procedures, and a Clinical space for the publication of and discussion on case reports. The objective of the Journal is to facilitate the effective worldwide transmission of new and innovative related research and knowledge. The journal publishes original scientific articles presenting information that is new and relevant to Jaw Functional Orthopedics. Additionally, publishes reports of innovative techniques and clinical treatments, systematic reviews of topics of interest to the field, reviews of new techniques/appliances and products, new uses for existing material, digital technology advances related to Jaw Functional Orthopedics, instructive clinical reports, editorials, and announcements of importance to the community worldwide.

Established in 2021 and published 2 times a year (semiannually). https://doi.org/10.21595/jfocg


Editorial board

Associate Professor Orlando Santiago Júnior

Dental School Faculdade Arnaldo Jansen, Brazil
Editor in Chief

PhD Patricia Valério

FAOA Dentistry Faculty, Brazil

Dr. German Ramirez-Yanez

Aurora Kids Dentistry, Canada

Dr. Aidé Terán Alcocer

Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, Mexico

Professor Eduardo Sakai

Fundação Hermínio Ometto - UNIARARAS, Brazil

Associate Professor Almiro José Machado Júnior

Unicamp, Brazil

Associate Professor Andrea Deregibus

University of Turin Dental School, Italy

PostDoc Bruno Frazão Gribel

Michigan University, Brazil

Prof. Antoon De Laat

KU Leuven, Belgium

Dr. Barbara Bimler

Bimler Laboratorien, Germany

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Biology of craniofacial growth with an emphasis on the mandible and maxillae
Clinicians' point of view - space for discussion based on scientific evidence, and clinical experience on topics of clinical interest
Prevention and early treatment of malocclusion
Treatment of malocclusion with Jaw Functional Orthopedics
New materials/new products
Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD)
Dental sleep medicine
Clinicians' space - case reports
Jaw functional orthopedics and digital flow
Advances in digital diagnosis
Advances in digital images
Occlusion and craniofacial growth
Use of vibration (laser, electromagnetic, mechanical vibration) in the treatment with Jaw Functional orthopedic appliances
Systematic reviews
June 30th
December 31st