Published: 15 September 2013

Periodic Skeletons of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems in the Problems of Global Bifurcation Analysis

M. Zakrzhevsky1
I. Schukin2
A. Klokov3
E. Shilvan4
1, 3, 4Institute of Mechanics of Riga Technical University, Latvia
2Daugavpils branch of Riga Technical University, Latvia
Corresponding Author:
M. Zakrzhevsky
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The construction of the periodic skeleton is a search for stable and unstable periodic regimes for a given parameter space of nonlinear dynamical periodicals systems. This stage of the main non-linear bifurcation theory, which is designed for a global analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems and the state of the parameter space that allows for complete bifurcation analysis, build complex bifurcation group and discover new previously unknown solutions.

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