Published: 31 March 2007

Research of microstructure and steadfastness of bioceramic coatings formed by magnetronic method

M. Mariunas1
A. Šešok2
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Paper presents the research of microstructure and steadfastness of polyethylene medical implants coated with ceramic and other materials. After 2500 loading cycles it was noticed that the strongest implant ceramic coatings are Co+TiO2 and Co-Cr-Mo. However the roughness of Co-Cr-Mo surface is far larger than Co+TiO2. The largest and the highest collections of granules are formed in the Co-Cr-Mo coating, and the medium -- in Co+TiO2 coating. Consequently, more durable implant coating is Co+TiO2.

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31 March 2007
bioceramic coatings
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