Published: 31 December 2007

Vibration dampers for transmission of mechatronic systems

A. Jakštas1
B. Spruogis2
V. Turla3
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The paper reviews original torsional vibration dampers retaining their efficiency in a wide disturbing frequency band. Some potential design alternatives are considered. The basic structural element of the damper is a rotary flexible ring. The mathematical model of the system estimates inertia, flexible and gyroscopic terms. The equations to calculate the system motion are derived and stability conditions for the system dynamic balance are formulated, proper consideration is given to other possible stability loss forms and regions of the flexible ring. The analysis of the system natural frequencies is made. Efficiency estimation of the damper versus various parameters is effected following the expression of the equivalent inertia moment and its limit values

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23 September 2007
10 October 2007
31 December 2007
transmission of mechatronic system
torsional vibration damper
rotary flexible ring
equivalent inertia moment