Published: 31 March 2010

Testing the effect of transverse resonant vibrations on wood impregnation

D. Albrektas1
J. Vobolis2
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Seeking to expand the range of operation and durability of wood articles, in many cases they must be impregnated with relevant materials. The process consumes a lot of time. Different technologies are applied for modification of depth and speed of impregnation. A method of vibrational wood impregnation is presented in this paper. It was determined that the transverse vibrations of scantlings in water are analogous to those in air, only the frequencies are different by 1.5 times. This study reveals that the amplitudes of vibrations in water and in air are close to each other, while the coefficient of damping in water is larger by 50 %. It is demonstrated that in many cases the scantlings undergoing resonant vibrations in the same time absorb up to 30 % more water than in the case of non-vibrant scantlings. The results of these investigations may be applied in wood impregnation industry

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31 March 2010
resonant vibrations
wooden scantlings
vibrations mode
vibrations in water
coefficient of damping