Published: 31 March 2012

The analysis of the control system for the bearingless induction electric motor

Maciej Henzel1
Krzysztof Falkowski2
Mariusz Zokowski3
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The paper deals with the problem of the actuation system in airborne application. Two problems are important. First, the frequency bandwidth of elements should be as wide as possible. The second, the applied actuators have the disadvantageously property, e.g. the overall efficiency, the friction forces, heat abstraction, the high complexity. The main element of the actuator is the bearingless induction electric motor. The construction of the motor is compound the active magnetic bearing and the more electric technology. So the new motor eliminates the disadvantages of the conventional motor. In the paper there are presented the new construction of the bearingless motor, models radial magnetic forces and torque. There are presented the simulation results of bearingless motor with control system, too.

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31 March 2012
bearingless induction motor
active magnetic bearing
control system