Published: 15 September 2013

Limb’s Vibrations Exercise Monitoring with MEMS Accelerometer to Identify Influence of Cardiovascular System

M. Venslauskas1
V. Ostasevičius2
V. Marozas3
1Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Department of Engineering Design, Kestucio St. 27, LT-44312 Kaunas, Lithuania
2Institute for Hi-Tech Development, Studentu St. 65, LT-51369 Kaunas, Lithuania
3Biomedical Engineering Institute, Studentu St. 65, LT-51369 Kaunas, Lithuania
Corresponding Author:
M. Venslauskas
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Katsuzo Nishi in 1927 proposed the capillarity exercise based on limbs vibrations to compensate obstruction of blood circulation. Research was made to identify influence of vibrations to human’s physiological parameters. There were made an exercise regarding to Nishi methodology and imitation of exercise with one arm on vibration stand while monitoring physiological parameters and accelerations. Detected parameters’ changes were significantly smaller when vibrating only one hand. Future plans are to imitate exercise while vibrating all limbs and make a stand to imitate cardiovascular system to identify vibrations influence in blood flow rate.

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