Published: 15 September 2013

Development of Spherical Ultrasonic Motor for Critical Environment

S. Toyama1
N. Fukaya2
1Tokyo Noko University of Technology, Koganei, Tokyo, Japan
2Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology, Tokyo, Japan
Corresponding Author:
S. Toyama
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In recent years, due to advances in science technology, space satellites have made progress. So, the presence of space debris has become problem in the world because they may collide each other. In our study, we have developed Spherical Ultrasonic Motor (SUSM) for space use with 3 DOF to drive the satellite thruster and resolve it. We aim that the satellites enter the atmosphere when the satellites reached the end of life, and SUSM controls thrusters when they inject for the directional control. We have made experiments of measuring torque, durability and lifetime. It shows that the torque and lifetime meets target value. But durability does not meet target value. To resolve it, we have applied stator lining materials and shifted frequency with 0.4kHz from resonant frequency and we have shown that it meets durability required specifications.

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