Published: 15 September 2013

Opto-Acoustic Method of Tissue Oxygenation and its Biomedical Application

M. M. Asimov1
R. M. Asimov2
V. T. Minchenya3
D. B. Vladimirov4
1, 4Institute of Physics National Academy of Science of Belarus, 68 Nezavisimosti pros., 220072, Minsk, Belarus
2Sensotronic Ltd., Belarus High Technologies Park, 11 Kulman Str, 220100 Minsk, Belarus
3Belorussian Polytechnic University, Minsk, Belarus
Corresponding Author:
M. M. Asimov
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Novel opto-acoustic method of tissue oxygenation and restoring normal cell metabolism is proposed. The results of in vivo investigation the phenomenon of laser-induced photodissociation of blood oxyhemoglobin and its biomedical applications are presented. Photodissociation of oxyhemoglobin, the main biological function of which is oxygen transportation gives a unique possibility of additional oxygen extraction for restoring normal cell metabolism. Optical method of determination the therapeutic “dose” based on the response of changes in tissue oxygen concentration in dependence on wavelength and intensity of laser radiation has been developed. It is shown that in order to make the methods of phototherapy as well as laser therapy really efficient one has to control the oxygen concentration in tissue keeping it at the necessary level.

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