Published: 20 November 2013

Enhancement of Gear Fault Detection Using Narrowband Interference Cancellation

J. S. Kang1
X. H. Zhang2
E. Bechhoefer3
H. Z. Teng4
1, 2Mechanical Engineering College, Shijiazhuang, 050003, China
3GPMS LLC, Cornwall, VT, USA
4Maintenance Center, Lanzhou, 730060, China
Corresponding Author:
X. H. Zhang
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The development of enhanced fault detection ability for gearbox systems has received considerable attention in recent years. Detecting the gear fault easier is very important for maintenance action. This has driven the need in research for enhanced gear fault detection method. The goal is to extract periodic impulse signal from the very noise signal which mainly contains the narrowband signals. This can be done by enhancing the impulsive signals while suppressing the narrowband signals. This paper used a new method, Narrowband Interference Cancellation, to detect the gear fault. This method reserves the impulsive signal produced by gear fault and removes the other signals out. The methodology is demonstrated on a gearbox run-to-failure test. The results show that Narrowband Interference Cancellation can enable the gear fault detection easier.

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