Advanced Manufacturing Research

A wide scope of research with advanced manufacturing technologies, materials, techniques, processes, systems, and applications

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Advanced Manufacturing Research

Advanced Manufacturing Research (AMR) ISSN (Online) 2783-6738 intends to publish a wide scope of research with advanced manufacturing technologies, materials, techniques, processes, systems, and applications. In terms of manufacturing technologies, additive manufacturing which is one of the main technologies of Industry 4.0 offers cost-effective production with complex-shaped configurations. Data-driven hybrid additive-subtractive manufacturing can enable the production of large-sized industrial components. The increased innovative flexibility of the manufacturing technologies accelerates generating state-of-the-art industrial products. Additionally, a combined data-driven design and manufacturing system will determine the future of manufacturing technologies. This journal is mainly dedicated to sharing manufacturing-based state-of-the-art research papers and reviews with academia and industry.

Established in 2022 and published 2 times a year (semiannually).


Editorial board

Savaş Dilibal
Prof. Savaş Dilibal
Istanbul Gedik University, Turkey
Chinmay Chakraborty
Chinmay Chakraborty
Birla Institute of Technology, India
Abdollah Bahador
Abdollah Bahador
JWRI, Osaka University, Japan
Emrecan Soylemez
Emrecan Soylemez
Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Josiah Owusu-Danquah
Josiah Owusu-Danquah
Cleveland State University, USA
Binnur Sağbaş
Binnur Sağbaş
Yildiz Technical University, Turkey
Asif Ur Rehman
Asif Ur Rehman
CY Cergy-Paris University, France

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What is Advanced Manufacturing?

Advanced manufacturing refers to the use of innovative technology to improve products and processes. It's a broad field that encompasses the use of cutting-edge materials and technology in manufacturing. The manufacturing landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, driven by the advancements in technology and the advent of Industry 4.0. At the forefront of this transformation is additive manufacturing, a groundbreaking technology that has revolutionized the way we approach production. With its ability to create cost-effective, complex-shaped configurations, additive manufacturing has unlocked new possibilities in product design and customization. We aim to delve deep into this exciting realm, exploring the latest materials, techniques, processes, systems, and applications associated with additive manufacturing.

What is Manufacturing Research?

Manufacturing research refers to the systematic investigation, study, and experimentation conducted to advance knowledge and understanding in the field of manufacturing. It encompasses a broad range of topics related to the processes, techniques, materials, systems, and technologies involved in manufacturing goods and products. Manufacturing research aims to address challenges, improve efficiency, enhance quality, develop new methods, and innovate within various manufacturing industries. This research often involves interdisciplinary collaboration between engineers, scientists, designers, and other experts to develop practical solutions and drive progress in manufacturing capabilities.

Advanced Manufacturing Research (AMR) Journal

Publications that span a wide range of advanced manufacturing technologies, materials, techniques, processes, systems, and applications. The Advanced Manufacturing Research (AMR) Journal is a new platform dedicated to showcasing cutting-edge research in manufacturing. It focuses on additive manufacturing, data-driven hybrid processes, and integrating design and manufacturing systems. Encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration, it publishes diverse articles and aims to accelerate innovation by fostering knowledge exchange between academia and industry.

Key Topics in AMR
  • Additive Manufacturing: Exploration of the latest materials, techniques, processes, systems, and applications associated with additive manufacturing, including its impact on product design and customization.
  • Data-Driven Hybrid Additive-Subtractive Manufacturing: Delving into the potential of combining additive and subtractive processes to produce large-sized industrial components with improved efficiency and precision.
  • Integration of Data-Driven Design and Manufacturing Systems: Examining the synergy between design and production processes to create state-of-the-art industrial products with greater speed and accuracy, and its role in shaping the future of manufacturing technologies.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Highlighting the importance of collaboration across disciplines such as engineering, materials science, computer science, and more, to achieve true advancements in manufacturing.
  • Theoretical Studies, Experimental Research, Case Studies, and Critical Reviews: Providing a diverse array of articles encompassing various research methodologies, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of advanced manufacturing topics.
Special Focus on Advanced Technologies

The journal emphasizes the role of advanced technologies in manufacturing, such as data-driven design, hybrid additive-subtractive manufacturing, and their applications in producing large-sized industrial components with enhanced efficiency.

The Advanced Manufacturing Research journal serves as a pivotal platform for sharing state-of-the-art research in the field, fostering collaboration between academia and industry, and accelerating innovation in manufacturing technologies.