Published: 30 June 2008

Investigation of vibrations of packaging materials

E. Kibirkštis1
A. Kabelkaite2
A. Dabkevicius3
L. Ragulskis4
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The stress strain law on the basis of the model of a visco-elastic body is proposed. Procedure for numerical integration of equations of motion is developed. Results of numerical calculations of vibrations of a visco-elastic structure are presented. It is assumed that a paper in a printing device is loaded in its plane and thus a problem of plane stress is analyzed. The principal stresses are calculated and represented at the centers of finite elements. They substantially determine the vibration behavior and stability of the polymeric film. The first eigenmodes are presented for a paper performing transverse vibrations as a plate having additional stiffness due to static tension in its plane. Stresses in the polymeric film in the transverse and longitudinal direction of transportation of the tape were determined by using experimental methods for the symmetric and non-symmetric loads. For the investigation of the eigenmodes a special experimental setup was used in which the eigenmodes of the paper tape were determined by using the method of projection moire under the action of vibrations to the tape of paper for the symmetric load. Comparison of the experimental and numerical results of investigation was performed

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24 March 2008
13 June 2008
30 June 2008
stress strain law
modal equations
numerical integration
finite elements
polymeric film
plane stress
principal stresses
experimental setup
stress measurement
projection moire