Published: 31 March 2009

Research of ultrasonic assisted turning tool

J. Rimkeviciene1
R. Gaidys2
V. Jurenas3
V. Ostaševicius4
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In turning process surface quality can be improved by using an ultrasonic assisted tool. Therewith surface roughness of work piece is better in comparison to traditional turning. Moreover, application of ultrasonic turning results in lower rate of wear of cutting tool insert. In the present study custom-made cutting tool was used, while the vibrations were generated by piezoelectric transducer. A numerical model was developed for thorough analysis of ultrasonically assisted turning tool. Performed simulations revealed the type of vibrations that are the most influential for improvement of the turning process. This information is valuable for selection of optimal parameters for achieving the best effect

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31 March 2009
turning process
surface quality