Published: 31 December 2010

Cargo pendulum vibration damping inside vehicle hull

J. Viba1
A. Vilkajs2
E. Kovals3
B. Grasmani4
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"A model is proposed to study the dynamic response of cargo pendulum vibrations. Equations of motion are obtained by Lagrange equations using Lagrange multiplier. Two independent bumpers of the securing cargo are considered in the model. Bumpers forces are represented by a special stiffness and damping as a function of phase coordinates. Investigation was performed for: a) transient motion from free initial conditions; b) stationary motion excitation from constrained string or hull bumpers vibrations; c) joint transient and excitation motion take into account random parameters. Results of investigations may be used for cargo fastening inside trailer, ship or airplane"

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18 September 2010
09 December 2010
31 December 2010
cargo pendulum motion
vehicle hull vibrations
nonlinear vibrations
vibro-shock motion
transient motion of pendulum