Published: 31 December 2010

Development and investigation of novel design piezo-actuated laser beam shutting system

R. Bansevicius1
R. Gaidys2
V. Jurenas3
S. Navickaite4
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In this paper authors investigate the developed laser beam shutting system of a new design. The scheme of considered laser beam shutter and working principle are explained. Numerical analysis and experiments were performed for the laser beam shutting system. A finite element (FE) model of thin plate was constructed for numerical analysis. The model was solved by means of COMSOL nonlinear buckling analysis of the thin plate and using solid stress-strain application mode. Comparative analysis of theoretical and experimental research results of the developed laser beam shutting system was performed

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30 September 2010
09 December 2010
31 December 2010
piezoelectric materials
laser shutter
position control
buckling analysis