Published: 31 December 2010

Vibroacoustic frequency response on a passenger compartment

I. Lupea1
R. Szathmari2
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The paper presents frequency response analysis at the passenger compartment level followed by an acoustic analysis performed by means of finite element method. Normal mode analysis of the body in white (BIW) was performed and the eigenvectors presented. A frequency-dependent velocity excitation profile in vertical direction at the front and rear axles were considered for the frequency response analysis. The acceleration response at three driver comfort points was recorded as well. Subsequently, in the coupled fluid-structure frequency response analysis the calculation of sound pressure level (SPL) variation as a function of the same frequency-dependent load was conducted at the driver and rear passenger ear locations. The paper is finalized with conclusions on the comfort driver points and sound pressure levels as response to the in-phase and out-of-phase frequency dependent excitation. This analysis is a prerequisite for structural panel participation and structure optimization

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modal analysis
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