Published: 31 December 2010

Investigating possibilities of a table vibrator with controlled damping

B. Spruogis1
V. Turla2
A. Jakštas3
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This paper considers the possibility of ensuring a desired regime of vibrations of the table vibrator with a support, where a damping element with a magnetorheological fluid is used. A feedback system is employed for control of the damping element. The system receives signals from the accelerometer that measures the vibrations of the table vibrator. Solution of the equations describing vibrations of the table vibrator demonstrated that double integration of signals of the accelerometer ensures a stable regime of vibrations for varying mass of a product. If the signal of the accelerometer is integrated once and then passes through a frequency detector, a dangerous increase of the vibrations in the resonance zone is avoided

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31 December 2010
table vibrator
magnetorheological fluid
amplitude-frequency response