Published: 31 March 2012

Aeroacoustic testing of the landing gear components

Shuangli Long1
Hong Nie2
Caijun Xue3
Xin Xu4
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The sound field generated by full scale landing gear components was studied in an acoustic wind tunnel. Noise characteristics were evaluated. The noise contribution of each part was investigated by removing the gear part individually. Three design parameters were also obtained to assess the noise reduction potential. Test results indicate that the noise spectrum of the component is essentially broadband and mainly dominated by some peaks corresponding to the constant St. Sound pressure level scales with the sixth power velocity law. Noise radiation from the components has obvious directivities. The main strut is the least contributor while the bogie is the largest contributor to the total noise. It is also found that the noise level increases with the gear installation angle from 0° to 16.5° while it decreases via changing the torque link layout from the front of the main strut to its back or modifying the bogie shape by filling its holes.

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14 February 2012
31 March 2012
wind tunnel
aeroacoustic measurement
aerodynamic noise
landing gear design