Published: 30 June 2012

The concept of transducer for detection of trackway surface condition basing on frictional coupling of wheel with a rail and its experimental verification

Andrzej Niedworok1
Andrzej Baier2
Lukasz Orzech3
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Description of design and rules of operation of transducer for detection of trackway surface condition in mine underground workings is the project objective. Information about the surface condition collected with use of the transducer will enable adaptive (depending on track surface conditions) control of breaking torque of wheels of rail locomotives and, in a result, shortening of braking distance by minimization of slippage. At first the requirements for braking systems of mining locomotives, with reference to real conditions of their operation, will be presented. Then selected braking systems, which are applied in the locomotives used in the coal mine industry, will be described with a special attention paid to the solutions, which potentially shorten the braking distance, including also the solutions based on ABS system used in the automotive industry. A concept of dedicated transducer, task of which is a continuous detection of surface condition of trackway, on which the locomotive moves, will be described with reference to the presented solutions. Transducer for detection is based on frictional coupling between its active component (so-called “tracking wheel”) and a rail. Presented concept will be proved by a series of verification experimental tests. Presentation of tests results and determination of further directions of R&D work as regards discussed problems will be the summary of the project.

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