Published: 30 June 2012

Hopf bifurcation and stability analysis of flexible rotor-bearing system

Ji Feng1
Yang Jinfu2
Yuan Xiaoyang3
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Analytical model of a long bearing was used to study the self-excited vibration of a single disc flexible rotor-bearing system on sliding bearing support. A shooting method was applied to track and acquire periodic solution of flexible rotor system after the Hopf bifurcation. Stability of periodic solution was analyzed on the basis of Floquet theory. Gas film eddying, oscillation and other nonlinear features were considered. High-speed air hybrid bearing test-bed was used to verify gas film oscillation arising from coupling between natural frequency and gas film eddying frequency. The “bounded” nature of chaotic vibration and the process of rubbing caused by instability of air film were observed. Finally, a distinguishing criterion named “practical stability” was provided.

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