Published: 30 June 2012

Geometry optimization of double wishbone suspension system via genetic algorithm for handling improvement

Amir Afkar1
Mehdi Mahmoodi-Kaleibar2
Amin Paykani3
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Motion control, stability maintenance and ride comfort improvement are fundamental issues in design of suspension systems in off-road vehicles. In this paper, a double wishbone (DW) suspension system, mostly used in off-road vehicles, is modeled using ADAMS software. Geometric parameters of suspension system are optimized using genetic algorithm (GA) in a way that ride comfort, handling and stability of vehicle are improved. Simulation results of suspension system and variations of geometric parameters due to road roughness and different steering angles are presented in ADAMS and effects of optimization of suspension system during various driving maneuvers in both optimized and non-optimized conditions are compared. Simulation results indicate that the type of suspension system and geometric parameters have significant effect on vehicle performance.

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30 June 2012
suspension system
geometric parameters
ride comfort
genetic algorithm