Published: 30 September 2012

Vibration analysis of geared rotor system under time varying mesh stiffness effects

Ying-Chung Chen1
Chung-Hao Kang2
Siu-Tong Choi3
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The present work contributes to the analysis of the interactions between gears, shafts and journal bearings in a geared rotor-bearing system. Although there are analyses for both of the gear and rotor-bearing system dynamics, the coupling effect of the nonlinear variable pressure angle and geared rotor-bearing system is deficient. In contrast to the majority of the models in the literature, the variable mesh stiffness and pressure angle are introduced in this paper while they were considered as constant in previous models. The equations of motion for the geared rotor- bearing system are obtained by applying Lagrange’s equation, and the Runge-Kutta numerical method is used to solve the equations of motion. Numerical results of this study indicated that the proposed model provides realistic dynamic response of a geared rotor-bearing system.

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rotor system
time varying mesh stiffness