Published: 30 September 2012

Design and numerical analysis of a novel coaxial rotorcraft UAV

Liu Long1
Ang Haisong2
Ge Xun3
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This paper reports the design of a novel coaxial rotorcraft UAV with canard wing, main wing and tail rotor, which is capable of converting status between contra-rotating case model and fixed wing model. Computational fluid dynamics approach involving momentum source method is adopted to study its aerodynamic characteristics in various states. A validation case is introduced in this paper to verify the reliability and precision of this method. The result proves that the designed coaxial rotorcraft UAV is able to hover, take off and land vertically as well as change between the contra-rotating case model and the fixed wing model. Accordingly, it is able to accomplish various operating statuses and demonstrate good aerodynamic characteristics during the whole fight envelope.

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30 September 2012
coaxial rotorcraft
momentum source
low Reynolds flow