Published: 30 September 2012

Energy analysis of multiple-cracked Euler-Bernoulli beam

Amin Ghadami1
Ameneh Maghsoodi2
Hamid Reza Mirdamadi3
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This paper presents energy analysis of multiple-cracked beams. The study deals with crack energy reduction functions for consuming strain energy due to crack growth and the degree of conformity between these functions and experimental results. Three different reduction functions are employed in this research work. A comprehensive analysis is performed providing a comparison of the functions for a beam with one and two cracks. In order to elucidate advantages and disadvantages of each function, we employ them in different crack detection problems. For different cases of crack localization and quantification in a crack detection problem, the best function that fits the experimental results more accurately is highlighted.

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04 September 2012
30 September 2012
crack detection
multiple-cracked beam
crack energy reduction function
modified rotational flexibility
crack interaction