Published: 31 December 2012

A new time synchronous average method for variable speed operating condition gearbox

Xining Zhang1
Guangrui Wen2
Tingting Wu3
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Gearbox is a widely used component for power transmission and speed change. Time synchronous average (TSA) is one of the most effective methods for vibration monitoring and diagnosis of gearboxes. Traditional TSA technique requires key-phase signal and constant operating speed. So the application of TSA is difficult in many situations such as in the case of gearboxes used in wind power generators and automobiles. A new method to implement TSA without key-phase signal for variable speed condition gearbox is proposed in the paper. The reported method is based on the estimation of instantaneous speed with time-frequency domain filtering and equal angular interval re-sampling of vibration signal. Experimental investigation performed in a variable speed gearbox test rig indicates that the proposed method can eliminate the influence of large speed fluctuation of gearboxes and provide satisfactory TSA results.

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31 December 2012
time synchronous average
variable speed condition gearbox
time-frequency filtering
equal angular interval re-sampling