Published: 20 November 2013

Structural Synthesis and Configuration Analysis of Broken Strands Repair Operation Metamorphic Mechanism

Q. Yang1
H. G. Wang2
S. J. Li3
1, 3College of Mechanical Engineering & Automation, Northeastern University Shenyang, Liaoning, 110004, P. R. China
2, 3State Key Laboratory of Robotics Shenyang, Liaoning 110016, P. R. China
Corresponding Author:
Q. Yang
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Appling metamorphic mechanism to satisfy the special operation requirements of the reposition before repairing operation for broken strands of extra-high-voltage (EHV) power transmission lines, a novel structural synthesis method of metamorphic mechanism is proposed considering the forms and structures of constrained metamorphic joints. According to the metamorphic cyclogram and the equivalent resistance gradient matrix, constrained form/structure matrix of metamorphic joints is built, the relation with constraint force changes of joints and form/structure of metamorphic joints is obtained; and further all the eight corresponding structures of constrained metamorphic mechanism are synthesized by the method. One of the eight mechanisms is chosen as the broken strands reposition metamorphic mechanism, and its topological transformations of working configuration are analyzed to verify the feasibility and practicality of structural synthesis method proposed in this paper.

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