Published: 09 November 2022

Erratum: Experimental research and numerical analysis on vibroacoustic characteristics of the laminated composite plate and its application in high-speed trains

Jin Mei Wu1
1North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Zhengzhou, China
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The description of the correction

A citation to source of the picture Fig. 6(h) was missing. The paper published by Yahui Wang, et al. [1] should be cited for Fig. 6(h). The authors of both papers are from the same team, college, and doing similar research. This explains the use the same microphone picture in both papers.

The title of Fig. 6(h) should be revised as follows: “h) Microphone [1]”.


  • Y.-H. Wang, J.-T. Wang, and L.-Q. Fu, “Full-spectrum noise prediction of the high-speed train head under multi-physics coupling excitations based on statistical energy analysis,” Journal of Vibroengineering, Vol. 19, No. 1, pp. 665–677, Feb. 2017,

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