Published: 31 December 2007

Parametric and non parametric characterization of a shear mode magnetorheological damper

M. Zapateiro1
Ningsu Luo2
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MR (magnetorheological) dampers are versatile devices whose design is aimed to take the best of magnetorheological fluids: high yield strength, low power requirements, insensitivity to contaminants and hence, low cost. MR dampers have proven to be a good option for the mitigation of uncomfortable and hazardous vibrations in systems such as vehicles, buildings, bridges, etc. However, MR dampers are highly nonlinear devices that exhibit a hysteretic force-velocity loop. Their extensive applications in vibration control systems demand an accurate mathematical model. In this paper, two models for an MR damper operated in shear mode are presented: a parametric approach (Bouc-Wen model) and a non parametric one (neural network model)

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31 December 2007
magnetorheological fluid
magnetorheological damper
Bouc-Wen model
neural networks