Published: 31 December 2008

Method of dot mappings in measurement of dynamic parameters of rotary systems

V. M. Sokol1
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The method of integrated continuous measurement of dynamic parameters of rotary systems is based on natural interrelations between these parameters, which are implied by fundamental mechanics laws, and also on direct measurements of those parameters, which permit such measurement. An integrated continuous measurement of dynamic parameters envisages a direct measurement of distances sij up to points on a rotor surface also measurement of linear speeds Vij of these points by three sensors Dij (in each supporting plane). The equations system, which allows determining positions and size of radiuses-vectors rij, and also instant positions of a rotation axis and a symmetry axis of a rotor and instant values of its angular speed, may be made up and solved according to results of such measuring. It is obvious that instant values of parameters, which are determined by direct measurement, by the solution of the equations system and the subsequent calculation (at the solution of an inverse problem), are dot mapping of an instant condition of rotary system. The information, which accrues in computer memory at multiple recurrences of the listed above actions during each rotor revolution, represents the dot mapping of dynamics of rotary system during all work cycle. We can assume that the dot mapping of rotary system dynamics will allow applying simultaneously with identification of dynamic parameters a method of full bifurcation groups for the full analysis of a condition the rotary system, including nonlinear conditions and interim steady states, which these nonlinear conditions generate

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