Published: 31 December 2008

Excitation of low-frequency vibrations and their propagation

D. Gužas1
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In putting into production various new technologies, often for the forced excitation of vibrations special vibration machines, which are used in the product formation technology, are applied. The paper deals with the vibration excitation source, which is used in the production technology of construction blocks, their mass compaction. The measured parameters of vibrations show that local insulation of vibrations caused by the vibration machine is not sufficient. Theoretical and experimental investigations showed that despite of the application of standard methods, for reducing vibrations, propagated by them, the transversal and longitudinal waves, excited by vibrations are propagating through the constructions of the buildings and the ground with low extinction losses. Those harmful vibrations propagating into the environment reach the living zones and cause considerable problems for human work and recreation. Having studied the ways of vibration propagation, some were proposed and some implemented in the specific object. The data of the works performed provided in the paper show that in order to protect objects and people from the harmful impact of vibrations, while designing such plants it is necessary to implement the new methods for vibration reduction

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31 December 2008
vibration sources
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