Published: 31 March 2009

Simulation and implementation of a piezoelectric sensor for harmonic in-situ strain monitoring

O. Incandela1
L. Goujon2
C. Barthod3
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To monitor the strain in a multilayer steel/adhesive/ceramic beam structure, a 9-µmthick piezoelectric PVDF film is inserted in the adhesive joint. Two 2D finite element models of the structure with and without the film were developed using a sub-structuring procedure to reduce computational time and to refine the mesh in the thickness of the film. The models provide the harmonic displacement of the beam and the voltage across the film which is related to the strain. A prototype of the analyzed structure has been developed as well. Simulation and experimental analysis was performed and obtained results were compared. It was demonstrated that the influence of the presence of the film on the stress distribution is negligible, thus the implementation of an embedded PVDF film is a well-suited technique to monitor the strain transfer in a bonded assembly

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10 March 2007
31 March 2009
piezoelectric film
Finite Element modeling
in-situ sensor