Published: 31 December 2009

Vibration of beams and rotating shafts under thermal effects

J. Avsec1
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Temperature variations can significantly change the dynamic characteristics of structures. In the presented paper we have studied the clamped isotropic rotor under thermal effects. We have studied aluminium and copper beam. Because the expansion is restrained by the clamping, the beam undergoes internal stresses, which induce changes in dynamic characteristics. We have also expanded and developed Marques and Inman model as well as Bahzad and Bastami model. We have taken into account the compound influence of thermal force, axial force in rotating shaft and gyroscopic effect. The behavior of rotating shaft is studied in the temperature range of 250-700 K. The influence of temperature-dependent material properties was considered primarily with respect to temperature variations. The presented research work demonstrates a very good agreement between experimental data and results from our vibrational model. On the basis of the proposed analytical model it is possible to determine the vibrational characteristics in very wide range of temperatures. The reported paper is the first one in scientific literature to consider collectively the combined influence of temperature, gyroscopic effects and rotor speeds on shaft and beam vibrations

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31 December 2009
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