Published: 31 March 2010

Bend with compression of thin-layer rubber-metal elements

V. Gonca1
J. Shvab2
J. Viba3
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For efficient application of thin-layer rubber-metal elements (TLRME) in modern mechanical engineering, including vibration insulation, it is necessary to determine ruggedness characteristics of TLRME. Numerous experimental studies have demonstrated that at tension and compression this characteristic is influenced essentially by value of specific load, compliance of non-elastomeric layers and way of fastening of elastomeric layers in the TLRME package. In the present article the calculation method of ruggedness constant of TLRME is presented at static load, tension - compression, in the field of small deformations taking into account the deformation of a glutinous layer. The solution is obtained by the method of Ritz using the principle of the minimum complete potential energy of deformation. The obtained solution allows to obtain asymmetrical ruggedness constant of TLRME at tension - compression without the assumption regarding dissimilar modularity of rubber

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