Published: 31 March 2010

Control possibilities of oscillating electrical motor using FFT analysis data

A. Senulis1
E. Guseinoviene2
L. Urmoniene3
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"The paper considers the issue of control of linear springless oscillating electrical motor by means of FFT analysis data of motor total current. The main idea of this control is the usage of relationships between harmonics information and oscillation velocity, distance; the controller would calculate the control signal for the next period. This control would have an advantage of fewer sensors – just current measuring sensor, and there would be no need for distance or velocity sensors, but the current sensor should be reserved. Other problem of this control is to determine relationships h=f( ? , f, i0, i1, i2,..), v = f( ? , f, i0, i1, i2,..), P = f( ? , f, i0, i1, i2,..), Felm = f( ? , f, i0, i1, i2,..). These relationships differ for various types of devices due to the hysteresis effect and construction of the devices, however they would be similar for the same series"

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31 March 2010
oscillating electrical motor
FFT analysis
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