Published: 31 March 2010

Investigation of vibrations caused by the inaccuracy of transmission of the mechatronic system

B. Spruogis1
V. Turla2
A. Jakstas3
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The questions connected with dynamics of mechatronic system at certain radial misalignment of shafts are investigated in offered work. As object of research is the system of two shafts connected by elastic centrifugal ring coupling. It is established, that in coupling, connecting radially misaligned shafts, an internal moment of resistance to rotation is arising. Using principle of d’Alamber for rotary movement, and it is worked out the differential equation describing rotation of the second shaft, and received solutions show, that rotational fluctuations arise in rotating misaligned system. The frequency of fluctuations is double rotation frequency. The results of investigation were applied for vibration reducing of mechatronic systems

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31 March 2010
centrifugal ring coupling
misaligned shafts
evenness rotation