Published: 30 June 2010

Two-Terminal manipulation of masses:application to vibration isolation of passive suspensions

Chuan Li1
Shilong Wang2
Ling Kang3
Song Lei4
Qibing Yu5
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A typical mass has only one genuine terminal, through which the mass interacts a position and a force vector with the environment. This paper proposes an innovative twoterminal manipulation approach for typical masses, such as mass blocks and flywheels, so as to upgrade its topology. A prototype device of the two-terminal mass is developed for testing. The experimental result validates its free two-terminal inertial dynamic characteristics. The twoterminal mass is then applied to vibration isolation of the passive suspension. The simulation result shows that, due to the presence of the second genuine terminal, the two-terminal mass contributes the suspension better isolation performance. The presented approach provides masses more extensive applications to vibration systems

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30 June 2010
Passive suspension
vibration isolation
mechanical terminal
two-terminal manipulation