Published: 31 December 2010

Experimental analysis of the robotized assembly applying vibrations

B. Bakšys1
J. Baskutiene2
S. Kilikevicius3
A. Chadarovicius4
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Main stages of the vibratory assembly, i.e. part-to-part alignment and joining of the cylindrical parts are considered in the presented paper. The shaft is movably based in the remote compliance center device, which is attached to robotic gripper, while the bushing is immovably located on the platform of the vibrator and provided with vibratory excitation along the joining axis direction. The experimental setup and research technique are presented. Vibratory alignment duration dependences on bushing excitation frequency, amplitude of the acceleration and on the axial misalignment of parts were established. The areas of excitation and system parameters sets for reliable part-to-part alignment were determined. Dependences of shaft and bushing joining stages durations on bushing excitation frequency, amplitude and axial misalignment of the parts were analyzed. It was determined that vibratory excitation during the joining provides possibility to avoid jamming of the parts

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