Published: 31 December 2010

The influence of mechanical vibrations on properties of Ni-based coatings

J. Škamat1
A. Valiulis2
O. Cernašejus3
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This article reports on research work that was undertaken on Ni-based thermally- sprayed and fused coating deposited on steel substrate. Mechanical vibrations were introduced during fusing process and the impact of vibrations on the properties and microstructure of coatings was investigated. Microstructures of sprayed and sprayed–fused coatings were compared including evaluation of porosity. The microstructure of sprayed coating consists of partly melted and unmelted particles. A lot of voids are present between the splats. The assprayed coating is bonded to the substrate mechanically or by adhesion. The porosity was significantly reduced and strong metallurgical bond between the fused coating and substrate was formed after fusing operation. The hardness and microhardness of different zones of coatings as well as wear resistance were assessed

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31 December 2010
thermal spray
vibration treatment
Ni-based coating