Published: 30 June 2011

Analytical solutions to nonlinear mechanical oscillation problems

M. Ghadimi1
H. D. Kaliji2
A. Barari3
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In this paper the Max-Min Method is utilized for solving the nonlinear oscillation problems. The proposed approach is applied to three systems with complex nonlinear terms in their motion equations. By means of this method the dynamic behavior of oscillation systems can be easily approximated using He Chengtian’s interpolation. The comparison of the obtained results from Max-Min method with time marching solution and the results achieved from literature verifies its convenience and effectiveness. It is predictable that He's Max-Min Method will find wide application in various engineering problems as indicated in the following cases.

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11 January 2011
15 May 2011
30 June 2011
Nonlinear vibration
Max-Min method
periodic solution
approximate frequency
time marching solution