Published: 30 June 2011

Investigation of vibrations of elements of packages with supplementary stiffness elements

A. Kabelkaite-Lukoševice1
E. Kibirkštis2
V. Bivainis3
L. Gegeckiene4
L. Ragulskis5
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The paper analyzes the eigenmodes of bending vibrations of ecological paperboard as of a plate by taking into account the additional effect of bending vibrations of a string included in the paperboard. The tension of the string can be used to control the eigenmodes of the analyzed paperboard. Experimental investigations were conducted using time-averaged projection moiré techniques on a specially developed experimental setup. The performed experimental and numerical studies demonstrated that the first eigenmodes of vibrations of the paperboard with supplementary stiffness elements occur at higher frequencies when compared with the conventional paperboard. The obtained eigenmodes enable to determine not only the vibration characteristics of the wall of the package by nondestructive methods, but also the strength parameters of the material of the package. The obtained results are used in the process of design of package elements.

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06 January 2011
15 May 2011
30 June 2011
element of package
finite elements
supplementary stiffness
plate bending
control of eigenmodes
experimental setup
projection moiré
time averaging