Published: 30 June 2011

Analysis of tribological properties of precise contact pairs

J. Padgurskas1
R. Rukuiža2
A. Bubulis3
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The aim of the presented research work is to investigate the possibilities of improving the tribological efficiency of different friction pairs by surface processing to obtain different roughness values and by modifying the friction surface with fluoroligomeric materials. Wear resistance and friction reduction abilities of precise friction pairs could be improved by the modification of their friction surfaces by surface processing to obtain a particular roughness level and by means of surface modification with fluoroligomeric materials. Tribological experiments of sealing friction pairs demonstrate that there is an optimal friction roughness magnitudes which results in the lowest friction coefficient and wear. The use of fluoroligomeric materials in such friction pairs could reduce the friction and wear of the shaft (up to 1,5 times). Fluoroligomeric materials can increase the serviceability of precise plunger pairs and the service life of the dies used for wire tensioning up to 4 - 6 times. These research results are the background to start the investigations aimed at improvement of the tribological properties of different high-precision friction pairs.

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30 June 2011
precise friction pairs
surface modification
fluoroligomeric materials
wear resistance
friction coefficient