Published: 31 December 2011

Capturing of FePt nanoparticles in a stream of a liquid

K. Šileika1
W. Murata2
E. Dragašius3
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This study considers capturing of FePt nanoparticle in a magnetic field when the particles are injected into a stream of flowing liquid. A roller pump is used to induce a flow of water at several flow rates to assess the growth of FePt aggregation near magnetic field source. The particles are injected into the system using a micro syringe pump at different flow rates. The aggregations are observed with a microscope. Subsequently some estimation is performed with respect to a magnetic hyperthermia, which is a part of a method for treating undesirable biological entities in blood vessels.

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30 September 2011
04 December 2011
31 December 2011
FePt paramagnetic nanoparticles
magnetic capturing
treatment of atherosclerosis